Our Books

I have published two volumes chronicling the adventures we’ve been having while living abroad using a fabulous book making tool: Blurb. I’ve combined my travel blog posts with our photographs to create travel narratives. The first book is of our trip to Turkey, an ambitious trip to say the least. Two weeks and 1400 photos later, I think we’ve seen more of Turkey than of England.

The second volume includes the posts and photos from all our other European adventures. It is exactly what I wanted to do with my blog. It’s the perfect way to have all our photos organized; in a time line and in context of my thoughts and writing as I was experiencing these places.

I am currently putting together book number three. It will be our story of deciding and moving abroad in addition to all we’ve experienced and seen in England. I’m combining my blog posts and Mark’s entries for a more complete tale, all of which interlaced with photos. In the end it will be the product of years of experiences and years of writing. This will not be complete until long after we return to the U.S.