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Switzerland, Hiking in Egerkingen

Deb hiking in SwitzerlandWhile Mark was on site with a client, I was left to my own devices for the day. A quick check at the hotel front desk revealed there were hiking trails within walking distance. I was handed a map of the loops they recommend to patrons for jogging and headed off into to the crisp autumn day. The rain had stopped and the skies cleared long enough for me to have several hours of hiking.

There were heaps of trails around the hotel that were not on this map. Had I known, I would have provisioned myself better with water and snacks. Narrow spurs that wound their way up the hillside were everywhere. We are here for a couple of days, I’ll have time to explore these routes.

MushroomsPhotos can’t seem to capture just how dark and dense the stands of black firs are. I could have been passing through a cave, I could see the light on the other side shining brightly through the golden birch leaves.

The air smelled clearly of autumn, of leaf decay, but had distinctly different flavor to the aroma than that of home.

In the grass, there were tall (8-10 inches high) mushrooms huddled together like friends caught up in conversation. All around me were new and yet strangely familiar flowers, trees and leaves. The shape and color, or texture of bark all told me these were plant families I knew, yet so unfamiliar.

Travel: Switzerland

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Switzerland, Zurich

Gruetzi! From Switzerland!

Cobbled narrow streets of ZurichMy morning first impressions, having left home 2:30 in the afternoon yesterday and arriving in Switzerland at eight in the morning. Switzerland is seven hours aways, foggy, and sleek and modern, since we hadn’t left the motel yet, having slept in and not leaving the hotel until 15:00, trying to recover from the jet lag.

We hopped on the train and headed into Zurich. We spent hours walking through the streets, along the river and beside the lake. The narrow cobble stone roads winding around like a labyrinth were lined with three to four story buildings, each with ornate and delicate decoration. As I walked these pedestrian filled streets, I’m filled with the impression that this is what I imagined a stereotypical Old European village to look like.

I like that there are no tall sky-scrapers buildings. It’s odd, you still get that feeling of not being able to orient yourself to a landmark, like in New York City, even though all the buildings are relatively low.

Zurich at nightAlong the lake, we can see the Alps fading away with the light of dusk in the distance. Swans are tucking themselves in for the night under the bridge. After the sun set, the city sparkled on the water and the air was filled with bells ringing and chiming from the dozens of church towers.

Over dinner, I broke my long standing rule of not eating things that I needed to dissect to consume. I had a lovely pumpkin risotto topped with whole flamed scampi- as in, there were shrimps on my plate staring back up at me, “don’t eat me!” they were tasty!

We were so tired after dinner, full of good food and wine, still quite a bit jet lagged, I just wanted to be whisked away to our hotel room.

Travel: Switzerland

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