Tadpoles! That means a frog unit study!

We unexpectedly acquired a batch of wood frog spawn so we are now going to work on a unit study on frogs and their life cycle.   Our daughter is watching them closely, noting dates of changes and measuring their growth.  It takes them 50-75 days for them to turn into frogs so she’ll have plenty of time to observe the 14 tadpoles we have, the first of which hatched on March 15.  She’s putting dates and how many days old they are on this sequencing page (which matches her monarch butterfly and chick hatching sequences she also put together from past life cycles she’s studied).

She sat down and reread all the Arnold Lobel “Frog and Toad” stories in an afternoon since she said they fit with our theme and counted for her reading that day.

She made a “transforming frog” craft, we used this pattern but used laminated construction paper and brads so all the legs can fold in and the tail can slide.  So she has had “Cindy the frog” transform before our eyes in a little play.  Hind legs first, then front legs, then she can slowly slide the tail away behind the body as her tadpole changes to frog.

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