Unit Study: Cephalopods

We finished up our primary curriculum and decided to spend a few weeks exploring some topics of my daughter’s choosing before moving on to MBTP 7-9.  She asked for Blue Ringed Octopus and Giant Squid.  So we took a little time to review classification, talked about Mollusks and then Cephalopods in general.  We reread some of our favorites on evolution and adaptation as we reminded ourselves where these organisms fit in the bigger picture.  We explored ocean and coral reef habitats as well.  I found out she loved working through dichotomous keys of made up fish and then working through identifying coral reef fish; and also pretending to be a conservation biologist identifying organisms by phylum, class and order that divers collected and shouldn’t have.  We also added notebooking pages to our big three ringed binder of the animal kingdom for several species that interested her in particular.

Here are some of the books on Cephalopods, including a handful of fun fiction in the mix, that we enjoyed during this unit study:

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We made use of some toilet paper tubes to create some cute models of a blue ringed octopus, giant squid and a blue octopus.

Next up, she wants to learn all about sea horses and investigate composers and classical music.