Hatching the Quail

The quail eggs and supplies arrived on April 20th along with the presentation from Homestead Phil.  Data collection commenced right away with recording what the eggs looked like and making prediction as to who would hatch first.  At seven days we were able to begin candling and making further predictions on which eggs were viable, who would hatch first and watching them transform from fluttering tiny shadows to filling most of the egg, recording her observations as she went.

May 5-7, we could hear peeps responding to our whistles from outside the incubator and see the eggs moving on their own as the pips appeared.  May 7 was hatching day, our predicted day!  Six out of our seven eggs hatched successfully.

We weighed the chicks daily for several weeks amazed at how rapidly they grew and changed.  We decided to adopt the chicks as a further adventure for the summer for their eggs and their weeding power in our lawn.  Quail will eat the clover, dandelion and other weeds, leaving the grass alone.

This was a fun addition to our homeschool experience and would recommend Rent The Chicken to anyone interested in pursuing an egg to chick/ bird unit study.   Book list to follow.