Hatch The Quail

My daughter will be the first one to excitedly tell you, “guess what we’re getting April 20th!?  We’re getting Quails!  When they hatch they are the size of quarters!”

Well, we’re getting seven quail eggs, the incubator, a candle light, a cage and enough feed to care for the hatchlings for a few weeks for a fun spring project.  The company Rent the Chicken also provides a service called “Hatch the Quail” and they will deliver to your home, provide a 30-45 minute presentation, 17 page observation/activity book and pick up the quails after five weeks.  I’m already putting together a unit study for the week(s) prior to and after their arrival on birds, eggs, and raising chickens and quails.  Besides… chicks the size of QUARTERS!