Panda Unit Study

We have finished our MBTP 5-7 level and wanted to take a break from it before diving into the next level by doing some unit studies of our own.  I asked my daughter what she wanted to learn about and she quickly came up with a list that included mosaics, mudskippers, more french, how we get different breeds of dogs and pandas.  Mudskippers were tricky, there are not many resources for the early elementary years, but put together enough to last the week.  Pandas though, super easy to find resources and great books and hands on projects.

I used some ideas from this Zoo Curriculum packet which had the added bonus of introducing the eight different types of bears and continued on our basic introduction of animal classification we began in our mudskipper week.  If there is something my girl loves to do, it’s sorting.  It’s easy to come up with panda crafts, coloring pages and mapping activities as well as pretending to be pandas.

Books we used ranged from easy readers she read to me (it’s a general practice we have been doing for over a year where she spends about 20 minutes a day reading out loud), fiction story books for fun, Chinese legends of the mountains and pandas, longer read alouds and non-fiction titles.  Our librarian always knows what we’re studying next when we pick up our weekly pile of interlibrary loan materials :)

We also watched National Geographic and BBC Natural World nature shows to cap it off.