Book List Anyone?

We’ve been getting into a nice routine with our homeschooling. We are going at our own pace, expanding on topics when there is greater interest. I’m so proud of the work she is doing and the conversations we end up having through the guidance provided by Moving Beyond the Page. Having school outside on the patio and in her “fort” of her swing set on these gorgeous days. We’ve also hit a stride on our phonics and reading, using Explode the Code with Bob Books and other phonics word family books. Math, we are speeding through book A of Singapore Essential Math K, as I know she understands the concepts already, but am using this as part of her writing practice, but she still has fun with all the manipulatives to play with the ideas.

At the beginning of August, I installed the “My Book List” app on my phone as I was looking for a quick way of recording and keeping track of the books we’ve been reading each week. My daughter loves to be read to and is enjoying being an emerging independent reader, taking great pride in reading to visiting Grandparents. We visit our library at least once a week, sometimes more. In addition to just fun books and Jana’s picks, I have been making good use of Inter Library Loan (ILL). For each unit I’ve researched and looked for recommendations for quality literature that relates to the week’s theme, vocabulary or letter sound. Each week we take a large stack of books to return only to leave with an equally large pile of new titles. Well, it’s the end of two months and there are over 225 unique titles on the list! Note, it does not count multiple reading of favorite titles.

As I have found looking to other sources of book lists a great starting point before tumbling into that rabbit hole of reading book reviews and summaries on Amazon, I’m considering creating lists here to share. As we are in week 10, I already have quite a few good reads for the pre-school/kindergarten set. The Book List app conveniently has an export feature which sent my list in chronological order already loaded with the links to Amazon, so that part is easy. It’s just finding the time :) Either it will be many individual posts or just a page with the list and may or may not contain notes from me. Certainly there have been the ones that really stand out that I may provide commentary on.