Moving Forward

Wow, almost ten months ago I posted the conclusions I came to about what direction I wanted to go with home schooling.  The Secular, literature based unit studies with hands on projects conclusion.  Well, now we are moving forward with Moving Beyond the Page.  I had been coming back and looking at this “boxed” curriculum several times over the previous months.  It caught my attention with how aligned it was with my philosophies and approach, that the subjects are all integrated; science, social studies, math and language arts all revolve around the weekly theme.  I particularly liked the book selections for the units.  I liked the flexibility the curriculum presents within itself based on your child’s ability and interests.  I decided it would be worth it to pay for pre-packaged organization and supplies for all projects and neatly outlined lesson plans.

14468762884_19f3cccd5a_mWhen the “big box” was delivered, I figured it would take a few weeks to orient myself with the literature and methods.  We would then ease into the lessons before the fall when we would have a more regular schedule.  But as soon as I opened the box, Jana wanted to start right away.  The parent guide is so well prepared, that just a few minutes of prep work at the the beginning of the week to make sure you have all materials on hand and read the lesson of the day ahead of time is all you need to get started.  So we did.

I knew as soon as I set up the first weeks worth of lessons (each unit is set up to do one lesson a day, with five lessons per unit in the 4-5 year old package), that Jana would want to do everything in one sitting.  It’s all fun for her.  She requests to “do school” everyday and we have done two lessons in one sitting because she wants to see what’s next.  She even wanted her school work on the 4th of July, but I convinced her that since we would be at our family picnic (42nd year and running) all day for the holiday, that it was okay to skip a day :)

It’s fun for me too, to just open and go and knowing I am equipped with the tools and have the supplies on hand for dozens of creative ways to teach and for Jana to learn without having to add to my already burgeoning craft supplies. We can easily add to or expand upon units in our own ways as well.  Her library card has been getting a work out finding complementary literature.

I’m excited to see how this goes, I’m confident we have found the right fit for our family.