5 Q’s For Kids

This week, we’re wondering how our kids think things work.  Maybe giving us a glimpse into how their minds work and how they figure something out.  I needed to expand on the question adding, “what makes it go?”   She has some basic ideas right.  I thought these were particularly fun questions which led to some impromptu lessons where Mark took the clock off the wall to show her what made the “tick tick tick” inside.

How does a clock work? it goes tick tick tick, the tick tick makes it go around

How does a train work?  it goes on the choo choo track, the engine makes it go

How does an airplane fly?   it flies in the skies, the arms of the plane do it

How does a boat work?   paddles make it go, water makes it float, water makes it sink  (a surprisingly profound answer)

How does a television work?   you turn the tv on, I don’t know  (she then went on to say, “we use our phone to paddle when the tv is in the water!” this was the hardest to get across what was meant, tried asking how we get pictures on the screen, …)