5 Q’s for Kids


Inspired by the going back to school interview, my friend Heather over at Please Sleep In and I have decided to create a weekly questionnaire linkup for our kids and for anyone who is interested in joining in on the fun.  This week, the theme is questions about Mom.

  How old is linkbuttonnomom? 60  -well, gee, thanks, Jana… she knew Dad was 40 and grandma was 60… hrm…

  What does mom do with her friends? Play all day and knitting.

  What does mom dream about? The beach -my thoughts on the beach, *meh* it’s nice, but I certainly don’t dream about it.

  What do I do after you go to bed? Come downstairs and clean up dinner and clean up dishes then come up to bed to snuggle me    -surprisingly detailed and accurate, although there are a few hours between clean up and heading to bed.

  What do I do for fun? Play with me, go to playgroup,  knitting and  going to birthday parties. -a number of these sound shockingly like what Jana does for fun, when I tried to get her to clarify she insisted I have fun at playgroup, don’t I?