On To The Next Chapter

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened” -Dr. Seuss

I know I’ve been quiet in this space lately. I’ve been enjoying life with Jana and noting that my newborn is getting big. I had her in her car seat yesterday and all I could think was how big she looks, that my new baby is not so new anymore! (She’s three months old and weighed in at 5.32kg!)

Anyway, the above quote sums up well how I’m feeling lately. Our adventure living and working abroad is coming to an end. I’ve been running the gambit of emotions. We are excited to get home and start on projects and plans we’ve been making for the long term. Our families and friends are just going to go bonkers over Jana, she is so sweet and cute. So, yes, I’m happy. But I’ve also had many wistful and even weepy moments. I was in Henley the other day and was reminded of our visit there on our first trip over to England looking for flats. We stopped in a tea house right on the Thames and had Cream Tea. It’s so picturesque it’s twee. I ended up wondering why we didn’t venture into Henley more often, it’s so close.

Although it is ending abruptly on a sour note making us both want to get back to the US as quickly as possible, we had a good run of it. We traveled to over a dozen countries and experienced so much while we were here. We both owned our dream cars. We enjoyed the company of family and friends who came to visit. We’ve both made a number of fantastic friends who we’ll miss dearly. And I ended up having an amazing job at the Natural History Museum when it was looking like I wasn’t employable.

There is plenty I’ll miss. Particularly the village life, having shops and restaurants to walk to, the footpaths right outside our door, being so close to the Thames and surrounded by fields of flowers, sheep and woodlands. We’ll miss out on the bluebells this year, it would have been sweet to have photos of Jana in them. We will be back for visits, for sure, Jana will need to see her home land.

For over three years we made England our home, we started our family here. This has been an experience of a lifetime and wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Next week we leave sunny England for winter in Pittsburgh. We’re going home with incredible memories, but have a new adventure ahead of us with Jana. It’s time to start the next chapter in our lives.