Status Update

Sometimes, a Facebook status update should really be turned into a blog post. Mark’s from tonight after we made multiple attempts to attend a friend’s Bonfire Night party for Guy Fawkes day:

“Our cars obviously wanted to stay home. In the pouring rain, our Smart developed a miss (when you only have 3cyl and 600cc to start with, it’s significant.) So we limped back home. Deb, a gamer, wanted to go. So she eased her way into the Lotus. I put the roof on… only to find that clutch pedal had gone all mushy. Roof back off. Hoist Deb out, and we’re in for the night.”

It is pretty comical for me to get into and out of the Lotus right now, think “shoe horned.” The only way I could get into and out of the car involved getting me in first, then putting the top on, then removing it again for the extraction process. I certainly was not up for trying our remaining mode of transport, the Super Blackbird motorcycle. But it would have been truly Denovichin’ showing up to a party, 38 weeks pregnant, in the Lotus and bottle of gin in hand.

Perfect timing, yes, for both of our cars to be off the road right now. Epsilon, don’t get any ideas and just stay put for a minute!