Pittsburgh and Baby Shower

We were in Pittsburgh for nine days where we saw our family and friends. More importantly, they all got to see me “in the family way.” It was a busy and hectic visit, but a good one. I’m in the last month I can fly, so we needed to get a visit in. The next time Pittsburgh sees us we’ll be a tiny family of three.

It certainly was weird to be in our home town and having to stay in a hotel. I’ve never been a guest in my own city before. Getting free upgrades to business class on both the outgoing and return flights was a huge bonus. I was worried I would be so uncomfortable flying at this point. But having seats that completely reclined to beds, real pillows, fillet mignon for dinner and so many other niceties went a long way. Epsilon’s first trans-Atlantic flights were done in style.

Cupcakes!  Chocolate brown and pink were the color theme of the day!I had a baby shower at my aunt’s and we now have so much stuff for Epsilon! Our flight returned this morning and already I have all of her gear unpacked, sorted and put away. I’ll get to the washing of her little clothes once I’m on Maternity Leave, which I gave my notice the week before we flew home to the Burgh to start in September.

Some nice family photos to be posted soon.