France: Paris – Eurostar and Notre Dame

eurostarWe arrived in Paris by train, on the Eurostar. What a pleasant way to travel! Particularly in contrast to all the air travel we have done. It was so relaxed with our packed lunches and snacks and lovely countryside to watch zip by.  Pictured left, here I am smuggling a small child across the border.

Even though I had made them recently at home, we managed to have crepes, not once, but twice on this first day in Paris. From two different restaurants, mind you. As they say, “when in Rome,” or rather, “when in Paris,” we should be eating crepes.

Deb and Epsilon in front of Notre DameI was enjoying the opportunity to dust off my very rusty French speaking skills. Certainly my reading comprehension and listening comprehension is quite good after ten years of no practice. But speaking, from being so out of practice, my brain is a second or two behind in formulating responses and remembering pronunciation. It still feels good to stretch those neurons a bit.

Our hotel was within walking distance of the small island on the Siene where Notre Dame sits. We decided to have a little stroll around the island and as a 23w4d bump, Epsilon proved to be an excellent tour guide.