Half Way There!

Deb (and Epsilon) at 20 weeksHere we are, we’ve made it half way. I feel so huge already and there are many months ahead of us. The official weigh in, I’m at 129 lbs, of which 10.5 oz is ε. Head to toe, she’s now the size of a banana, or so goes our favorite fruit analogies.

I’m particularly missing this years 36th Annual Family Picnic. A cousin of mine is also pregnant and due five days after me and her first child is celebrating his first birthday today. There will be so many little cousins all around the same age in our family that will make future picnics a lot of fun as we continue our traditions.

Those of us living in the Mother Country didn’t get to enjoy a long weekend. We may not have the volleyball games or fireworks, but we’ll still celebrate Independence Day in our own way. Mostly by eating ribs, drinking iced tea and other wise having a relaxing day.