France: Opio en Provence

I’m back from a short trip to France. We were there for a conference for Mark’s work and a number of people from the US were there, including some friends of ours. It was held at a resort where much relaxing was to be had in the form of absorbing some much needed sunshine and warmth, lounging by the “Zen pool” i.e. no kids and quiet, reading, rambling and even dominating and winning an archery competition. This wasn’t a sight seeing sort of holiday, I honestly may have only taken a handful of photos, and those largely involve the Geobear having adventures. That’s okay, after the weeks I’ve had lately, I needed a very low key relaxing holiday.

Our holiday will continue through the weekend where our friends will be joining us in the UK. it’s been seven months since we’ve had anyone visit us over here, so this will be fun to have some familiar faces around.