Introducing: Epsilon

Epsilon's DebutWell, the news is well out of the bag now. World, meet ε , ε meet the world. ε is expected to make his/her world premier on November 20th.

We told my family on Sunday as a present for Mother’s Day. Steve and Stephanie hosted a brunch and we set up a video call and once everyone settled down we told them we had something to show them and held up the ultrasound scan for them to see. My mom was so surprised, it turned out to be a really nice Mother’s day gift. Mark’s mom thought we were joking, that we were just going to be getting a kitten.

It’ll be interesting to experience the NHS in it’s full glory. For antenatal care and labor and delivery, it’s entirely based on a system of midwives; unless you have some complications, most women never even see an ob/gyn. The first appointment, the community midwife came to our home and had an hour long visit with us. We were joking that we hoped the midwife didn’t have a really recognizable car, we didn’t need our neighbors being the first to know what was going on.

I have been having a difficult time with the morning/all day sickness. Nothing is appetizing to me, nothing tastes right, nothing smells right… my good days, where I actually start to enjoy my food are the really worrisome ones as those are the days that involve the actual vomiting. I’ve lost seven pounds! My ass is getting smaller and my boobs are huge and I’ve lost weight, it’s a perverse little diet I’m on. I’m hoping this phase passes quickly or soon… I love to cook and love to eat and this has taken the joy out of food. I can’t even be in the kitchen when the oven is on, it emits an odor that makes me sick. I sit here and fantasize about products I can’t get a hold of in the UK (easily or cheaply), bland is what I can stomach, I would kill for some Cream of Wheat or Kraft Mac and cheese (but am not willing to spend £6-7 on them).

So there it is, if you catch us smiling like idiots and/or looking completely terrified, it’s for good reason.