Verrall Supper

Verrall SupperTonight I stayed in London late to attend the Verrall Supper and the lecture that preceded. The supper is a tradition started in 1826 as a social dinner club and Entomological Association. There is surprisingly little information on the interwebs about the history of the Verrall Association, although there is a book out there. You can only attend if you’ve been invited by someone who has attended before. I was half expecting there to be a secret handshake or something. Women entomologists were only invited to join starting in the 1960’s it was traditionally such a club for men. At the start of dinner a number of people were introduced. International visitors were recognized from traveling in from all over (including Quentin Wheeler with whom I had the chance to talk quite a lot with), former members who passed on were given a moments of silence. I was told in previous years it was also tradition to announce the newest members and they would have to stand up and say what you’re working on. This year was apparently a bumper crop of new members for The Verrall so that bit was passed over. After a toast to the Queen and grace that consisted of, “Thanks for friends, food and bugs!” we tucked in to a nice dinner, wine and lots of socializing (and networking for those new to the crowd). I’m glad I went and was a part of the tradition.