Happy 200th Birthday Darwin!

Today is Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday and there are all sorts of Darwin-centric events happening at the museum today, this week, really all this year as it is also the 150th anniversary of the publication of “On the Origin of Species.” The “nature live” lecture today was on Darwin’s life and achievements and there was promise of birthday cake. There were so many people there, they were turning people away at the door. Which included me. No cake for me. They should have known the promise of cake would have drawn out a larger crowd.

I’m a biologist, a naturalist, an entomologist, a taxonomist, it should be no mystery to anyone how Darwin inspires me. I’m fortunate to work at a place that houses his collections, that celebrates all these fields, that supports people whose livelihoods and passions are fueled by Darwin’s unifying law of biology. Yes, I said it is a law of science, it is one of those ideas that are so unifying, so observable, so proven that it is a fact of reality, and evolution by means of natural selection is one of them and it drives research and advances in many fields in biology.

So here’s to you and your brilliance (and to be fair, Wallace’s brilliance as well)! I enjoy seeing your statue watching over the halls of the Natural History Museum.

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