Here We Go Steelers!

Deb in Steelers regalia by the ThamesI can’t help but feel we are missing out by not being home for the Superbowl. Nothing brings a city together like their team making it that far. And there’s nothing quite like a Steelers fan. I’m sure there are hours and hours of Steelers-centric rally television and radio going on local stations, further whipping the excitement up into a frenzy.

Mark and I went for a drive today, it was sunny even though it’s quite cold and we’re expecting the Great Snow of Ought Nine (they’re expecting 6 inches), we were in the Lotus with the top down. We took our Terrible Towels out for some rabble rousing (as much rabble as can be roused in a rather quiet British way) and photo shoots.

The Superbowl actually airs live on BBC1. The commentary is quite different as well. We won’t see the commercials, those slots so highly prize by advertisers. Instead, during those breaks when the US is being entertained by those historically epic or hilarious commercials (the main reason some people even tune in to watch is just for the ads), we’ll be watching people talk about football and the game field is not off camera. It’s not idle chatter either, they talk about the game and rules of play for an audience who don’t necessarily know what’s going on. But, it is refreshing compared to the inanity that comes out of some commentators mouths these days.

Pittsburgh football on the tellie and a snow storm barreling down on us. It’s like a touch of home. Tonight, even though we are in England, we’re in Steelers country.