Ice Sculpting at NHM

Ice carving festival at the museumWhat a sight today, two sights really. The first, seeing the museum being evacuated for some as yet unknown emergency, mobs and mobs of people spilling out the doors. It is unknown by me, as this evacuation occurred about ten minutes before I usually leave for the night, so I took my bag and just never went back in (I wouldn’t have made my train had I waited outside to be left back in). Anyway, I did wander around the outside of the museum to see the second neat sight of the day, where the First Ever Ice Sculpting Festival was going on. I watched for a few minutes as the chainsaws whirred and sent clouds of ice crystals into the air. The weather was certainly well suited for it today, Brrrr! It would have been cool to get in on the the ice sculpting classes offered over the weekend.