Making Snow, Making Snow, Making Snow!

Snowflakes by Deb

I’m missing seeing some snow for the holidays, so I’m making some of my own using the Snow Days site.  I admit it is a little addicting.  It’s also making me want to make paper snow flakes for in our windows as we have no holiday decorations up. Maybe some snow flakes and white fairy lights… five days to Xmas, it’s not too late to decorate right?

shortest day of the yearAlso, happy Solstice! Today is the shortest day of the year, tomorrow begins progress to more sunlight each day, tomorrow will be a whole four seconds longer! When it’s dark out, I feel compelled to hunker down in my pajamas and relax for the night. It’s a little paralyzing on weekends where I like to sleep in until noon, leaving just a few precious hours of daylight. I can’t imagine living any farther north. I think I would end up hibernating!