Orchids Love England

Who knew?  Orchids love the English climate.  I have always had a soft spot for orchids.  Occasionally bringing one home adding to my large managerie of house plants.  I would diligently mist it while it sat in a window with filtered light.  Inevitably, the long lived blooms would wither and fade, I would prune back the dried flower stalk and patiently care for the plant waiting for it to rebloom.  Only to manage to have killed it in due course.

I don’t know why I didn’t write about this several months ago when it happened.  But.  For the first time in my  life of caring for house plants (it’s an addiction really), I have had an orchid rebloom.  And reblooming without doing anything special either!  This orchid is sitting in a south facing window getting direct sunlight.  It’s on a window sill directly above a radiator.  It’s gone a couple weeks without it’s regular watering while we traveled.  Yet, it is thriving!  All I can figure is, despite the direct sun and baking over the heat, it is just that humid here to provide the perfect microclimate on my window sill for orchids.

That being said, since we now know we are going to be living here another year, I have been inspired by this success.   Rather ambitiously, I have gone out (and Mark has picked up another) and purchased a number of additional orchids.  (p.s. an aside on how awesome it is that I have my own car now and can pop out for some orchid shopping).  It’s a veritable tropical paradise on that window sill.  I expect there to be more, as I would like to have a spectrum of color and varieties.  (if it were sunny I would take a photo of all the blooms, but that will have to wait, it’s 1pm and dark and gloomy out).