Walks In The Woods

Whiteleaf HillI realize I haven’t been posting about some of the mini-adventures we’ve been having. Mostly, this involves a sunny day and wanting to go for a drive, generally to somewhere we can take a walk in the woods, watch wildlife and play with the camera. We’ve visited quite a few nearby sites like this: Whiteleaf Hill, College Wood, Chinoor Hill, College Lake, all sites that are part of various woodland and wildlife trusts. The walks themselves are never all that long, we’re not embarking on expeditions, primarily they are absolutely last minute excursions. Grabbing the camera and a bottle of water and off we go. We’ve be rewarded with stunning views and sunsets and lovely drives through the countryside. The photography from these outings are more on the experimental side as we become more familiar with the new camera and lenses, so far, not many of the shots have been posted, but have produced some interesting results.