Turkey: Back to Reality

We are home from Turkey after a glorious vacation involving lounging on the beach on the coast of the Aegean Sea. We were near Assos and the Greek island of Lesbos dominated the skyline of our view across the sea. We stayed with our friends parents summer home and who were the most marvelous hosts. The sun shone bright and hot every day and we were treated to a full moon, it’s light shimmering like a bridge across the water. Every meal was lovingly prepared by our friend’s mother, every meal a Turkish feast. My daily itinerary was something like this:

Sleep in waking briefly for the sunrise.
Enjoy huge breakfast.
Lounge by the shore.
Go for a swim, snorkle with the fishes and octopi.
Read lounging by the sea.
Nap hypnotized by the sound of the water.
Light lunch.
Afternoon, more of the same.
Shower for dinner.
Fabulous feasts for dinner, complete with desserts.
Maybe a moonlit stroll, or gazing at the night sky, sometimes with a telescope.

We felt so welcome and genuinely like part of the family, complete with Turkish mom piling more and more food on our plates :) It wasn’t all lounging, we did visit some ruins. The are more details to write about later, the private traditional music performance by a neighbor who was a guest for our last dinner, the pile of kittens, special Ramadan dessert, the little things too are to come.