An Homage and New Camera Gear

Cow in field near our home

Above is an homage to “What Do I Know’s” Friday Cow Blogging (a brilliant idea, btw, and who recently featured cows in Bourne End where we live). But it is also one of the first shots using our new camera gear, which we are certainly kicking it up a notch with a Nikon D300 and the new lens, a Sigma 150-500 mm telephoto. Mark was about 50 yards away from that cow when he took that photo.

We went out for a walk with this set up hanging around our necks and we did get some looks. The lens alone weighs 4.2 lbs. There is nothing subtle about this lens. I’m going to need a special harness to use this set up. We are the paparazzi to the brambles, flowers, insects and birds. We purchased the lens for a trip we will be taking in the coming months (TBA), and the camera body, well, we’ve been meaning to upgrade for a while now.