On British Television

I really enjoyed watching the Dr. Who season finale, it wasn’t disappointing. Following it up with always watching “Dr. Who Confidential” I love seeing just how proud every one who is involved in the show are of the work they do. It is interesting to see how many connections are made and threads kept with the original series. Watching it in tandem with the main series illustrates the richness and depth of the storytelling, revealing details I would be hard pressed to remember.

I have fond memories of the original series. I watched so many of the old Dr.’s with my brother Joe, who was obsessed with the show which aired on PBS and Nickelodeon, when we were young. I remember they were often aired on Saturday’s, a day when my mom would use this crazy floor scrubber to mop the dining room floor. The dining room table would be moved into the living room and my brother and I would watch the show. It is possible one or two of my other brothers would be there, but I so strongly associate these memories with Joe. I also strongly associate a lemony floor cleaner scent with it too.

I have no desire to go back and re-watch any of the older series, I fear it would render these rose-colored fond memories into something else. Yes, the kitschiness is a part of the Doctor Who lore and ingrained in British culture. “Kitsch” isn’t quite the right word to express it, but I just don’t think I could bring myself to sit through those original episodes.

The point I’m trying to make is, I love that there are British television shows that I (we) will always associate with living in England. They will be memory triggers for us. Including the Doctor. Especially the Doctor.