Tickets? Almost… not quite

I’ve been on the prowl for sold out tickets to the Royal Shakespeare Company’s production of Hamlet this year. It sold out almost instantaneously. With David Tennant in the lead role of Hamlet and Patrick Stewart as Claudius, it’s a show I really want to see. I had my eye on 3 tickets on Ebay that had very low traffic and few bids due to a misspelling. I thought I almost had a chance of snagging/sniping them for a reasonable price. No such luck. Tickets that were sold for £30 are going for hundreds of £’s. These three £15 tickets ended up selling for £210! This is insane people!

I am determined to see this show. I will find tickets. Or if you or someone you know has tickets or knows someone with tickets, send them a good word in my favor, eh?