First Non-Family Guests Arrive!

Today we have our first non-family guests staying with us for holiday.  It’s actually been a couple of years since we’ve seen Suzanne and her husband.  So we’ve been looking forward to their visit for some time now and will be taking the week off ourselves for a holiday too.  We have an epic road trip planned with stops in the Lake District and the Scottish Highlands on the itinerary.  It’s going to be an action packed week!

This first day, it was nice and low key, mostly to give them time to recover from jet lag and get their bearings.  I took them on a favorite four mile walk to show off our village and the area where we live in.    We walked into Bourne End, down along part of the Thames Foot Path and into Cookham and back home.  We did a little bit of supply gathering in our local green grocer and had a nice fried goat cheese medallion salad with mango and strawberries for lunch.  After plenty of excellent conversation and catching up, which would fill most of the trip, it was an early night for all (except Mark).   An excellent start for a holiday!