Late last night, or very early this morning, I heard an unusual noise from outside. Even though it was freezing outside, I opened the window and had a better listen in the darkness. It was a noise so bizarre and so unfamiliar. A coughing, grunting sort of cry, difficult to explain. I quickly ran back downstairs and alerted Mark about the noise and there we stood in the open door way, heads cocked listening intently. Mark was hypothesizing that it might be a badger, I thought perhaps a deer. It made its noise a few more times and stopped. A couple hours later, we heard it again while laying in bed.

After a bit of internet sleuthing this morning, we determined it to be a fox call. Sort of like the “territorial call” on that site, but a deeper, more guttural sounding call. When we first moved here and were remarking on how awesome it was to have pheasants and ducks out our front door, the neighbors mentioned that, “we have a fox too.” We have not seen or heard any fox until now. It is possible a fox tore into some of our garbage once. But still no fox sighting.

We’ll have to keep our ears peeled, we may need to have a late night romp onto the trails to track down and see a red fox.