Batton Down the Hatches!

They wanted to join us for breakfastToday was a very low key day.  We were experiencing gale force winds and periodic heavy downpours, so we hunkered down for the day.  It’s a good thing today wasn’t the day we were at the cliffs, we would have been blown away into the English Channel.  Everyone slept in and I made ricotta pancakes topped with bananas for breakfast.  I did take the family out in the rain for a bit to go shop on our little High Street, I do love our little village and it was fun to show it off a bit, and to the post office so they could send off their post cards.  We made a Ploughman’s lunch, which consists of a baguette, cheeses, sliced apples, prosciutto, ploughman’s pickle&, dates, blueberries, and fresh apple cider from our green grocer.  Much Wii Bowling was played and lots of good conversation was had and we finished up our Vicar of Dibley watching too.  Dinner involved a big batch of sangria and build your own soft tacos (the smoked garlic we’ve been buying lately really added a wonderful flavor!) A nice day with the family at home.

The ducks? Oh, they were from the other morning, looking to join us for breakfast. That’s our front door they were nearly going through. I didn’t have a photo for today and just decided they should be here.