Hiking: Hambleden Estate

Hambleden Hike: 2.6 mile hike  (back dated entry)

DSC_5406It’s just such a lovely sunny day out and what better way to take advantage of the weather than to go for another little ramble through the countryside. This walk took us up and around Hambleden Estate . We could see some areas that would be potential “Bluebell Woods” to visit once the flowers bloomed.

We encountered mobs of rabbits and the holes leading to their dens in the woods. In the nearby distance we heard the sounds of gun shots.  This estate is known for it’s game and the village store you can purchase anything from venison sausages made from estate deer to wild duck, pheasants and rabbits.

We are both easily amused taking photos that make us laugh, or make us look completely insane to the outside observer. I’m sure I looked particularly insane shaking my head back and forth to achieve the above image.

DSC_5316I nearly got myself stuck in a U shaped branch suspended over the meandering little stream. It was easy enough to get up onto and slide into the branches embrace. Getting out was another matter. Mark needed to come to my rescue. The water below me wasn’t deep, but I could imagine it wouldn’t be pleasant to fall into. Mark made it look easy after I was extracted from the position, he hopped up and even started to climb around. I just wouldn’t put my falling in out of the realm of possibility.

Halfway through the day we stopped at the Stag and Huntsman in search of food since we were getting hungry, we had just missed the cut off time for lunch. A break for a pint would have to do. Looking at the specials on the menu board, we could see that it is highly influenced by the game available from the area. A place we’ll need to revisit I think.

Complete photoset from the day