A Long Walk

Still life tree in English countrysideToday’s hike: a 5.5 mile loop

We went for a walk this afternoon to clear the dark clouds and cobwebs out of our minds, get some sunlight and fresh air. It turned into a rather long walk that really did us some good.

Up and down hills and over rather slick and slippery mud making for a challenging hike. We just haven’t adopted using “Wellies” on our walks. Although my muddied jean legs and five pounds of soil sticking to either shoe would seem argument enough to use them.

Some of the smaller back pools of water were frozen over, I honestly didn’t think it was getting cold enough for that, but I guess being in the shadow of the hillside has contributed to that. These shaded areas were much less tricky to navigate, the mud solid like we were traveling across permafrost. With camera in tow and a new lens to play with, we of course could not resist a little photography, a pleasant distraction too.

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