Taps Fingers Impatiently

Right now, as I write this, the second book that I’ve been working on is uploading to the Blurb site.  It’s half way there.  It’s taking its time, the final page count is 304, there are over 700 photos from our travels through Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Greece, Austria, Germany, a brief few pages from Belgium and just a few page spread of Turkey for the continuity of the time line (and sans a few trips Mark made on his own for brief business purposes to Italy, France, Netherlands…).

I had briefly considered not making the book so photo intensive.  But quickly nixed that idea when you consider what it would cost in the long run to have all our photos printed out, the time it would take for me to arrange them in photo albums and make notes on the back of them.  Considering I have boxes of loose photos at home in no where near that state of organization, the odds of that actually happening being slim.   Having these shots printed in context with my travel blog entries just makes so much sense.

But, anyway, I’m just waiting for this volume to finish uploading so I can hurry up and get the copies I want to send out to family ordered and on their way.

Tap, tap, tap, tap…