Book In My Reading Queue

I’m looking forward to a book I recently ordered, it should be here on Monday.  It’s “Store Room No.1: The Secret History of the Natural History Museum” by Richard Fortey.  It’s primarily a collection of stories and anecdotes of the hidden treasures and characters who have worked at the British Museum of Natural History over time.  A sort of alternative history of this museum.  I think it’s par for the course to have unusual people and stories associated with museums.  Taxonomy does lend itself to people with a penchant for weird passions.  A graduate student I once worked with had been working on a “behind the scenes” narrative of the history and people of the bug rooms I formerly worked in.  I wonder what happened to that project.
Anyway, it’s in my queue and I expect it will be a really enjoyable read with stories I can empathize and sympathize with.