Trifecta of Flight F*** -Ups

Let’s recap. So, when we flew in this past December 16th, you may remember that it was the fourth time we’ve ended up driving from D.C. to Pgh due to our connecting flight having problems. Strike one for this trip.

Well. Fast forward to yesterday (Wednesday). All was going swimmingly. We showed up at the airport for our 7:32 flight to Chicago where we would have plenty of time to make our connection to London Heathrow. Over dinner we even remarked how lucky we were that the skies were perfectly clear. Weather could not be to blame. We were both perfectly tired and exhausted, planning on sleeping the entire red-eye.

Then came the announcement that the plane we were to be on was late leaving Chicago. Concerned, we went to the desk to check just how late. Late, but according to the customer service person, making our connection would still, “be doable.”

Then came the announcement that it would be an hour late, maybe a little more. We would not be able to make our connection. Strike two for this trip.

After much deliberation, we ended up staying at the Hyatt at the airport where the airline put us up for the night. We would be flying out at 6:20 am (Thursday) to Dulles, then on to London. It was either that or stay overnight in Chicago waiting for a 4:30pm flight. No Thank You. They assured us that our 200 lbs. of checked bags would be re-tagged and on our new flight. We asked about this EXPLICITLY.

We arrived safe and sound in London at 9pm instead of the expected 11am. At the baggage claim we waited. Ours were probably among the first bags put on the plane, maybe the last to come off and hopefully all together. We would feel better once we saw the first of our four bags. We waited. And waited. And waited. Until the turnstile stopped.

The punchline?


Hopefully they’ll show up tomorrow.