A Ticking Time Bomb

I am just amazed that I have not yet had a significant cold. At all. Since we’ve moved to England. Especially now that I have been regularly exposing myself to hundreds of people confined to small spaces in public transport. On the train and the underground I am surrounded by sneezing, coughing, sniffling individuals harboring some virus. Never mind all the traveling we’ve been doing too. Airports, other countries, more strangers and their respectively foreign bugs.

I’ve even been reading a virus-centric book on the train: The Invisible Enemy: The Natural History of Viruses. Which, given my not so secret fascination with reading about viruses, this book should come as no surprise.

Either my immune system is made of steel or I’m a ticking time bomb waiting to have an explosion out my nose.

My guess is it will hit when we travel back to the States for the holidays.