Newly Employed at BMNH!!

Well, that was fast. Wasn’t it just a couple of weeks ago when I was quickly poached from Botany by the Entomology department as a volunteer?

Yesterday was my first day as an official employee of the Entomology department at the British Museum of Natural History! It’s for temporary contract work (sounds familiar) working in the coleoptera collection which is located in the main museum building (lepidoptera is in a separate much further away building). I’ll be involved in the usual sorts of bug work, beetle prep, sample sorting, curation (there is a new building going up right next to the museum that will house both bot. and ento. in short order).

From day one that I was in those rooms someone was trying to figure out how to get me hired. Each day I was in I had someone new peering over my shoulder, commenting on how unique and well done my insect preparation was. I’ve given credit where credit is due. I’m a product of my training! I’ll just say the Carnegie way is making waves. When approached about the position I asked, “do you want to see a copy of my resume?” the response, “I don’t need to, I’ve seen your work.” The new people I’ve been working with and meeting have been extremely enthusiastic and not short on praise. It feels great to be back doing work that I genuinely enjoy and have missed.

Commuting into London is a bit surreal.  I find myself saying almost in disbelief, “I commute into London!”  on the same line of thought when we randomly exclaim to one another as if we forgot, “We live in England!”   We’ve lived here a year, you would think we would be over that teeny detail by now.   Anyway, two trains, the underground, some walking and (on average) two hours door to door.  It’s not as bad as it sounds.  With a good book and cuppa in hand it makes it seem much shorter than what it actually is.   When everything is on time, no train delays, no problems on the Circle line, it works beautifully and cuts almost half an hour off.  But the days where everything is running perfectly happen as often as not.

Today was a perfect commute day.  Even coming home I was on the single Bourne End train of the night, one that goes straight to Bourne End from Paddington.  It’s a fast train, it even runs on the special “fast track” commuter train rails and makes two stops (one at Slough, then at Maidenhead) before turning off toward home.  That translates into: I can safely doze off and not miss my stop when it’s the end of the line, ha!