Blurbing Book Mania

The Turkey travel book is done, which has a total of 164 pages! Not a bad size for a photo and travel journal book of a two week trip. It’s currently in the proof reading and editing phase in Mark’s hands.

Today I finished book number two, the “Adventures through Europe: 2006-2007” up through our trip to Austria. Since we’ll be in Germany the first week of December and I want the book to be inclusive of all of this year; I’ve laid out a number of pages pre-formatted and ready for entries. It’s already 247 pages. Despite some complaints I now have with Blurb, a product of just using it for hours on end, I still find using it to be fun and easy.

I can’t wait to get my hands on the finished products. The previews look gorgeous.

I think I need to take a break from the Blurb book making mania though. I had a difficult time getting to sleep the other night. When I was so close to finishing, I could just see what I had left to do, trying to hold it all in my head. I was imagining that I was blurbing and then I was blurbing in my dreams. That’s when I know I’m doing something a bit too much. When I can’t even escape it in my sleep.

Although, I already have a good idea for what and how the third volume will unfold. The “Moving Abroad and Life in England” book. But it will probably have to wait until next year. Or it should really be an ongoing project until we actually leave. All I can say, this would have been such a daunting project if I haven’t been keeping this blog. A huge chunk of the writing is already done.