England: Blackpool – Sand Dune Nature Reserve

Here we are again, in Blackpool, in the off season, again. What to do? I can always find somewhere for a hike. On the far south end of the long stretch of beach is a treasure. I spent several hours in and around the Lytham St. Anne Sand Dune Nature Reserve. Here lies but 25 hectares of what was once a huge expanse of habitat. Rolling sand dunes that meet the coast. The vibrant green grasses and sedges buffeted about and rustling in the strong breeze. The soft honey colored limestone sand easily whipped up in the wind. Mini landscapes are carved out by the action of the wind. Is this a mighty desert of undulating naked dunes?

It’s a sunny day on the beach and I’m bundled up in a warm coat and scarf. The wind is chilled and gusting periodically. It’s not so cold, but cold enough that with the speed it hits it causes my ears to ache and eyes to run with tears. No chance to see mini beasts today.