I can’t keep quiet about Blurb

I’ve put in hours and hours of work, but 162 pages later, and two squinty head achy eyes from spending too much time in front of this laptop screen, I have created a book. This is a book that includes just about all the photos from our trip to Turkey interlaced with my blog entries and quite a few of those I expanded upon the writing as I went along.

Mark pointed me to this this book making tool: Blurb that works in conjunction with Flickr. I was able to upload the full photo set plus additional individual photos into the Booksmart tool. From there I was presented with dozens of page layouts for text and photos. I would pick my layout for each page, drag and drop photos into place and copy and paste my text out of my blog where I wanted it. I went with the 8×10 hardback version for this particular book, but there are several size options that can also be made into soft cover books.

Initially, I thought I would keep quiet about this book making. I was making them in mind for when we are home over the holidays visiting with family who do not have computers or for those who don’t visit our photo’s or blog’s, to see our adventures. But it is so cool, I can’t keep quiet. I plan to start working on two additional volumes, one that will be about our moving abroad and the things we’ve done around England and another for all our other European travels.

It’s exactly what I wanted to do with my travel blog posts anyway, only this way I can also include all the photos to go along with the story.