The Stripey Blanket is Complete!

Deb finishing her stripey blanketThe random stripes blanket I started in March 2007 is finally finished today. Just to recap, I used Lion brand “Suede” yarn in seven colors: coffee, taupe, eggplant, teal, garnet, spice and olive. I then designed a pattern of random stripes and varying widths of even numbers (2, 4, 6, 8, 10). I had more skeins of the coffee and eggplant shades, so those stripes tended to be the thicker lines in the pattern. I knitted on size 9 needles, 150 stitches wide, working in a simple stockingnet stitch. I like how the stripes pattern looks on both the “right” and “wrong” sides. The final measurements a blanket with the following dimensions: 132 x 222 cm, or 52 x 87 inches, or even 4.3 x 7.25 feet, choose your preferred units of measure for your mental visualization pleasure.

Blanket on our queen sized bed for size perspectiveThis was such a delightful blanket to knit. I enjoyed having the “mini goals” of switching colors every few lines of knitting, it seemed to make a big project much more manageable. Plus, this suede yarn is so wonderful, it’s plush and soft like chenille, but lighter in weight. It drapes beautifully and is just so snuggly and nice to touch. I still have a couple loose ends to weave in and I’m contemplating sewing a suede cloth edging around the entire edge.

If you are interested in the pattern I developed, they are contained in these two spreadsheet files: Stripes Pattern part 1 and Stripes Pattern part 2 (there is a little over lap at the end and beginning of each respectively, should be self explanatory).  I found it quite handy to visualize and create the pattern by using the columns. Plus it made it easy to edit and make changes as I worked along. For example, toward the end, I was running out of taupe yarn and needed to readjust the pattern to make an acceptable exit strategy.

Now I need to start planning my next blanket, I really loved working with this yarn, I just might be tempted to use Suede yarn for my next project too.