Beef at Gaucho

I know I mentioned before how beef tastes differently in the UK. The cows are all grass fed, are generally older when slaughtered and produces significantly leaner meat. This makes for beef that admittedly has much more flavor, but to me, this flavor is much more on the gamy side. More like venison. There is something to be said for the high density corn feed lots of the USA.

Anyway, last night, after meeting friends for drinks in Camden and fishing for restaurant recommendations, Mark and I headed out to dinner to Gaucho in Hampstead. Gaucho is an Argentinian steak house and they pride themselves on having Argentine Beef, the waitress brings a platter of raw meat to show the different cuts they have to offer. I was wary, it is hard to shake certain aversions with ten years of being a vegetarian and raw meat of any kind still has the power to turn my appetite. The menu even has a beef sampler plate, with four different types of cuts of beef to the plate. I went with Bife de Lomo, the fillet, that lovely lean and mild flavored cut.

The point I’m getting to is this. The beef tasted like beef from home. It tasted distinctively different from British beef and although I would have liked my steak a bit less rare, it was GOOD. I’m mean, really good. And, yes, yes, I had the grilled vegetables on the side, a colorful and tasty array of asparagus, portabello mushroom cap, red bell pepper, sweet potato and courgette all grilled simply. It wasn’t just all about the beef.