Knitting: Austria yarn

Start of the Austria scarfYes, I know, I’ve jumped ahead in my yarn project, I have not forgotten about the yarns purchased in Madrid or Athens, I just have grander designs in mind for them. Perhaps nice cable designs. The Austria yarn is another novelty yarn that I can quickly knit a scarf out of. I will make this one before moving on to the others.

Austria was green, green, green. Even with autumn well on its way it was wonderfully green. I also had not yet bought anything even remotely green in this project of mine, so it’s perfect. It’s a ribbon of microfiber with variegated greens. I thought this would be chunky enough for larger needles, but I wasn’t happy with how it was turning out. Again, I have this cast on those favorite needles of mine, the 10.5 bamboo needles, 20 stitches cast on. I have enough of this yarn that I might attempt a matching hat!