Austria: Siez

Low clouds over the mountains, morningWe awoke to a foggy drizzly morning in Siez. After Mark left for work I consulted the hiking map. I was given advice on two routes. The first was toward the smaller rolling mountains across the road. It sounded like the perfect hike for this morning, a couple of hours up the hill to where there was a cafe to have lunch and coffee. The other took me behind the hotel, up into the higher peaks, as was told it’s better when the weather clears up, there are views for miles up there. Unlike the previous hotel that had detailed hiking maps of trails around Leoben that I could take with me, I didn’t have a map to take with me. I studied the map and made notes before heading out.

I headed out the door to the cafe on the hill. It was moist, misty and foggy, but not enough to deter me. However, the driving rain that started to fall an hour later was plenty reason to head back. Not too mention the map I had consulted seemed to have no bearing on reality. There was a major highway in front of me that was not on the map and with no immediately obvious way to get around it I decided to head back to the hotel.

Mur river in SeizAfter a suitable drying out period, the day looked like it might actually clear up, I decided to head into the higher trail. For a while I felt as if I was following a path laid out by a Hash House Harrier. It may have been coincidence or on purpose, but there were white arrows spray painted on the ground leading me along where the map said I needed to go. One intersection indicated either direction would do. I followed these along, thinking at some point I would see or be directed into the woods on onto an obvious trail. Instead, I was led along extremely narrow country lanes where the one or two cars that happened to fly by were flying by at obscene speeds.

And then the skies opened up again, rain pouring around me, the country lane started to resemble a small mountain stream as I hiked back past the farms and fields to the hotel. I’m not terribly disappointed, they were both nice walks that were interrupted by rain. And frankly, I was still recovering from the trauma of the previous day. I didn’t really feel like pushing myself. I decided it would be a good idea to head into Leoben tomorrow, where there are things to do indoors in case of rain.