It’s not over yet

Wow! Simply put: Wow!

I can’t wait to write about this Turkey trip! I’m currently in Fethiye, sitting looking out my hotel floor to ceiling windows, pine forest clad mountains to the left and right, teal blue Mediterranean below me.

The food, the history, Cappodocia and central Anatolia with it’s underground cities, cave homes and fascinating geology, snorkeling over the past few days while boating along the southern coast, Istanbul with a Mosque on every corner with the murmuring haunting echoes of the morning call to prayer at 5am looking out over a dark city (five times a day the mosques announce the call to prayer over loud speakers), we’re here for Ramadan, there’s a street festival we’ll be heading to in Istanbul tomorrow night when we’re back in town…

There is just so much to write about so many photos to share. I don’t know if we could have experienced so much of a country better than we have these past two weeks, and it’s not over yet.