Turkey: Antalya

Antalya waterfallWe woke at 4:00am to catch an uneventful flight out of Kayseri to Antalya (via Istanbul, all domestic flights route through Istanbul). Straight from the airport we made our way to one of the many waterfalls that are part of the character of this Mediterranean coast highlighted by the Taurus Mountains. This one was located inside a wildlife park. With helpful signs explaining how the small black corvid birds eat tons (literally) of grasshoppers each month.

This was just the beginning of the change in nature of this trip, our time in Antalya was very low key. There were no tours or learning, starting now it was about relaxing. We trammed and walked ourselves to the rocky pebbly beach and lazed about. Some of us went swimming, some of us stay on the beach. I had a bit of a project going on, piling and stacking the flattened rocks into towers. Walking along the waters edge involved a bit of work, our feet sinking in to our ankles into the pebbles as the waves hit.

Mark with the blue pool of waterfallAt the far end of the beach we stopped in to check out the Minicity. Here, dozens of Turkey’s historic sites and buildings are meticulously recreated on a 1/25th scale. Ataturk’s mausoleum, the Blue Mosque and Haghia Sophia, mini Cappodocian cave dwellings, many places we have seen in person and many we didn’t get to.

On the walk back to the hotel we were all trying to lose Martin and Gun. Today is their first wedding anniversary and we declared at lunch that they would have the night off. They didn’t need to plan anything for us or take us anywhere nor did they need all of us hovering around them. Come evening, we didn’t want to see them. All along the beach on the walk back were restaurants and clubs. We passed one with canopy beds on the beach, “you could be drinking cocktails in bed on the beach listening to the waves,” I commented. We realized this is their first anniversary, they might not know how it works. They paused to look at a menu and the rest of us bolted off. Trying to lose them we would hear Gun behind us, “we can still see you!” We did eventually shake them :)

Small plants on waterfall wallMark had stayed behind in our hotel that was located inside the Kaleici the Inner Citadel, where the older part of the city is located inside fortress like city walls. Impossibly narrow cobbled roads intersect on the steep hillside leading up to the rest of the town. I met up with Mark to figure out what to do for dinner. We ended up deciding to buy some simple provisions and eat back in our hotel room. These provisions involved cereal and milk (Gold Flakes! honey flavored corn flakes!) which we ended up eating and drinking separately as we didn’t have bowls or spoons at our disposal.

Deb's hand in the water