Tree drama in the storm

We’re having a bit of tree drama at our home in Pittsburgh. I am patiently waiting for my brother to call back. In the aftermath of the storms and tornado warnings, there are lots of trees and branches are down in our neighborhood… a large branch blocking our front door. Initially, all I had heard is that a tree went down in our yard. Not too many candidates, all enormous, but particularly worrying is the super enormous 60 year old oak in our neighbor’s front yard. At least it didn’t land *on* the house (as far as I can say right now).

My brother hasn’t been at the house yet to survey the damage, he’ll be home soon though. I was IM’ing with a friend in New Jersey who was on the phone with her husband in Pittsburgh who was standing outside the house giving me the low down. Municipal tree service people were already working on our street, hopefully they’ll take care of this large branch.

Now I’m just waiting for the phone to ring. *taps fingers anxiously*

Edit: some friends went by the house to take some photos:

The tree was struck by lightning!

This was the branch, a big big branch:

The enormous tree: