There is a hedgehog, A HEDGEHOG, in our back yard, RIGHT NOW! It’s so cute! THIS Hedgehog (my hand for scale):

Hedgehog in our backyard! Deb's hand for scale

I heard a shuffling noise outside and since we had the back door wide open I didn’t want something randomly wandering in on this warm night. With just a phone light in hand, I followed this shuffling to the side of the house, and lo and behold the little bugger stood! A HEDGEHOG! Whee! It’s still out there, shuffling about! I hope we didn’t traumatize him too much with our excitement and flashing camera!

This adds another new animal to my personal species list, (Erinaceus europaeus). Hedgehogs are far more interesting and exciting than the U.S. groundhogs. I was at Kew and purchased a bag of “hedgehog niblets” from the garden wildlife section. This way I have food to encourage hedgehogs to keep coming to our yard.